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Sanitizer bar soap
Sanitizer paper soap

Sanitizer paper soap

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Sanitizer paper soap

10 pps/paper case

1,000 pps/carton box = 100 paper cases/box

20ft : 300 cartons/20ft = 300,000 pps/20ft

40ft : 650 cartons/40ft = 650,000 pps/40ft

Monthly capacity : 3 million pps

Shipping port : Busan, Korea


We are developing another unique type soap.

Next month we launch this Dr. COVIDEX paper soap.

Wherever the user can carry on his pocket and use it.

The government and hospital stress if possible the general citizen don't have skinship and avoid physical contact with other presons.

But we must meet many persons every day. And each other shake hands or touch by hands

I think the most serious spread reason is CORONA virus are from these physical contacts with the CORONA patients. So washing hands is very important.

Most of people misunderstand they can sanitize their hands 100% with sanitizer gel liquid and general soaps.

You must catch the sanitization capacity of gel and liquid products are more less 70%. Gerneral soaps are just cleaning agent to clean hands or face and sanitizer capacity is nothing.

But our soap is sanitizer kills 99.999% germs.

So we developed this unique and innovative soap "Dr. COVIDEX" through cooperation with the Korea Chemical Institite and the Busan National University, Korea

But it a little has the hopital disinfectant smell and different from general has fragrant smell.

After washing with water almost disinfectant smell nothing.

It is the consumerble and disposable goods.

Its main uers are the public citizen and there would be big demands.

So there are big markets all over the world.

I think you can launch our COVIDEX soaps to your markets. And I believe you make big success.

In Korea there is this proverb.

"A customer is just a king"

You are my customer 

and king from now.

I will appreciate you are interested in our Dr. COVIEDX sanitizer soap

I pray you and your family and your friends are always are fine and overcome the CORONA-19 crisis well.


MOQ : 100,000 pcs

Payment : T/T or at sight L/C issued by the global exchange bank like CITI, HSBC bank

Quality guarantee : within 15 days the buyer receive the products

Prices : Negotiable according to quantity, delivery and payment terms

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Sanitizer bar soap

Sanitizer paper soap


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