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Antivirus film

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Antivirus film

Category : Polyester

Coat : Transparent, gloss

Thickness : 250 μm

Inks : UV

Application : A transparent material based on 250-micron uncoated polyester film. Superb for expo-lighting systems of all types. Clear Backlit UV will help you to achieve the sharpness of details, high resolution and best durability.


anti-viral and anti-bacterial technology that utilizes nanoparticles of a monovalent copper compound.

Transparent adhesive virucidal film with exceptional antimicrobial characteristics unique in the world.

It applies, among other things, to tables (meeting, catering, offices), counters / counters, door handles, switches, stair railings, grab bars, automatic and tactile terminals, payment terminals, etc.

Effective against viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria as well as germs and molds, it strongly limits viral and bacterial spread and protects humans.


24/7 triple protection therefore between 2 cleanings

Protection in inaccessible areas

Kills most microorganisms includingthe coronavirus. It is also effective against common epidemics such asgastroenteritis, H1N1 flu, Herpes or conjunctivitis.

Fast action (example on coronavirus 229E: 90% in 1 hour;> 99.9% in 24 hours)

Avoids biofilm formation

Active for 4 years without loss of effectiveness

Perfectly ecological and biocompatible

Cleanable with usual cleaning products (soap, bleach, disinfectant) without degradation of antimicrobial activity

Evidence through tests

All tests are carried out according to JIS Z 2801 standards, ISO 22196 and ISO 21702 by independent and accredited laboratories.

ANTIVIRUS / ANTIBACTERIAL film can be applied anywhere.

The product tested is "non-irritating"therefore, harmless in contact with human skin.

Intended for all sectors: shops, businesses, nurseries, schools, administrations, hospitals, EPHAD, clean rooms for the medical industry, etc.

Transparent matt adhesive coating

Perfectly waterproof

Quick application without disrupting your production and easy removal without trace 4

In any universe under health constraints

Compatible with your cleaning protocols (soap, bleach, disinfectant) without degradation of antimicrobial activity

Designed and manufactured in France

International patent


MOQ : 100,000 pcs

Payment : T/T or at sight L/C issued by the global exchange bank like CITI, HSBC bank

Quality guarantee : within 15 days the buyer receive the products

Prices : Negotiable according to quantity, delivery and payment terms

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