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Silver nano mask
Kn94 = N95 = FFP2
KF80 = N90 = FFP1


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silver nono mask
Silver nano mask

Origin : Korea

Weight : ....g

Each packing : pp bag packing

Sales packing : 4 pcs / paper case

Carton packing : 20 cases/carton box = 80 pcs/carton box

Carton weight : 9 kg per box

Daily production : 100,000 pcs

Certificate :

Grade : FFP2


The face masks most commonly used are disposable ones, originally made for filtering out up to 94 or 95 percent of fine dust, referred to as N94 or N95 masks.

We have developed a nano-filter that maintains excellent filtering efficiency even after hand washing through the development of proprietary technology that aligns nanofibers with a diameter of 100~500 nm in orthogonal or unidirectional directions.


This reusable nano-filtered face mask could help to relieve the challenges arising from the supply shortage of face masks.

Existing masks also fail to maintain their air filtering function because their electrostatic function disappears when exposed to water.

​Thus, their filtering efficiency is reduced significantly, making it almost impossible to reuse them


However, this nano-fiber design was proven to be water resistant with more than 94% filtering efficiency in 20 repeated bactericidal tests with ethanol.

The nano-fiber mask also showed no deformation in its nano-membrane structure despite the 20 hand washes.

In particular, it was confirmed that there were no deformations in the membrane, even after soaking in ethanol more than three hours.


Nano filter mask can be reusable for about a month even after washing in ethanol. The inner filter can also be replaced. And nano filter mask filters out up to 80 percent of 600-nanometer particles even after undergoing a bending test more than 4,000 times.

  • Our patented proprietary formula is proven to destroy 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. It is approved by the US EPA and CE and universally proven to destroy any organic substances coming into contact with it.

  • The formula breaks-down any organic substance on the surface of the mask, including Coronavirus and does not allow any virus to survive, preventing the community transmission on contact.

  • Effective inhibition of infectious agents present in the surrounding environment is crucial for our safety. The use of a self-cleaning sanitizing mask will be of great value in the prevention of contamination and disease contraction.

  • How Long can you wear the Mask? The mask can be worn for up to 1 month. Any water that touches the mask, such as rain, does not affect its ability to kill the virus.

  • Standard face masks can actually exacerbate the problem of spreading the Coronavirus. You can have the best and most high-tech and expensive filter in your face mask, but Coronavirus still get through, which means you are not completely safe.

  • Germs are transmitted in droplets and airborne particulate matter to the mask.

  • Particulate matter filters cannot inhibit all viruses from passing through.

  • Viruses can often get stuck and can live within them for up to 9 days.

  • Infection risk increases when handing contaminated mask (i.e. removing, etc.)

  • Another shocking discovery is when you breathe in a face mask for a few hours, you actually collect Coronavirus that sticks onto the face mask.

  • You can take that face mask off, put it in your handbag, touch your face and your child, and you are actually spreading more disease.


MOQ : 100,000 pcs

Payment : T/T or at sight L/C issued by the global exchange bank like CITI, HSBC bank

Quality guarantee : within 15 days the buyer receive the products

Prices : Negotiable according to quantity, delivery and payment terms

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Silver nano mask

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